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Larkspur Creative is excited to launch the redesign of Fit Form Training's Website. Fit Form Training is a mobile personal training service, focusing on metabolic training. Owner, Chris Toews created his original site himself. He understood the need for a website, but struggled to make something that was truly reflective of his business himself.

Larkspur was there to help him not only with the design challenges, but helped identify other areas of his businesses that could be improved through a website redesign. We first took him through our top list of things that websites are missing [link] to help him identify the low hanging fruit that could be easily updated. We then went through a content update and then optimized his website. Let’s walk through his journey.

Challenge 1: Design

The original site was built on a GoDaddy template that came free with the purchase of the domain. While functional, the site didn’t have the high visual impact or communicate the energy or strength we wanted. The site also didn’t follow the best practice rules in that the edges elements were often close together or overlap making some areas hard to read or use. Elements on the page also didn’t include alt text which impacts a site’s accessibility.

So why is design important? In addition to just improving the “look and feel”, your website also speaks to your branding and credibility. In fact, 3 out of 4 people admit to judging a company’s credibility based on the website design. Updating your site to something that looks professional and modern is an instant credibility boost. Additionally, accessibility can impact your search ratings. Google prefers sites that provide users with the best experience possible, which means it takes into consideration both performance and accessibility into the ranking algorithm. 

So, what did we do to update the design for Fit Form Training? We increased the visual impact of the site, by adding more images - our favorite of which is the tiled gallery in the hero that reinforces the shape of the logo. We communicated a stronger message through the use of a block font instead of the script on the old site, and the use of red throughout the site in key areas. 

We also included some more modern design features like “sticky” navigation that stays with you as you scroll through the site and buttons that change color on hover to help you keep your place and make the user experience easier. 

We updated the Service page to include descriptions of the different services Chris offers as well as updated the design of the pricing table to fit on the screen without scrolling to make it easier to compare plan options. 

We updated the Results page to a new layout that better defined each entry. We also added headings and subheadings to quickly communicate to users the highlights of the client story. We then added in an additional Client Spotlight page to allow for longer testimonials, client journeys and videos. 

A big part of the site’s new look and feel was the addition of new photography and videos by Jeff Nikula that better suited the more powerful, high intensity style we were looking for. 

Challenge 2: Mobile Experience

In keeping with the updated design, we also wanted to focus on providing a truly responsive design that would restructure the format of the page to the most optimized layout for the user’s screen size. The original site was “mobile friendly”, meaning that the text and images fit on mobile, but that’s really the bare minimum. The difference? The text wouldn’t fit on the screen unless the browser was the full width of the page, making the user experience difficult for those on different screen sizes or if you were trying to use split screen. And even though the site was “mobile friendly”, the accessibility problems were even more noticeable on a small screen 

Given that more than half of people use mobile to browse the internet, and that Google now indexes mobile sites first, it was extremely important to make sure the experience on every device was a great one. 

On mobile, we made design decisions about how to format each page for mobile. In most cases, this meant stacking elements, and adjusting text. We also paid attention to text size - big enough to easily read, but small enough that it didn’t compromise how much information we wanted to display on each page. 

Other updates we made included moving the menu to the right side and updating the dropdown to a more modern look. We also made sure to provide mobile sized images, rather than the higher resolution desktop images to improve site speed.

Challenge 3: Content

The amount of content on Chris’ old site was also a challenge for us. There wasn’t quite enough information on each page to justify a user having to go through the effort of navigating to each page individually. However, Chris was adamant that he wanted a full website and not a landing page that “scrolled forever”, so we had to increase the amount of content on each page to give each page a purpose.

The first page we really wanted to address was the Homepage. His original homepage didn’t have any content on it, and looked more like a presentation cover. By updating to a homepage that included highlights from the rest of the site, it quickly communicated who Fit Form Training is and what they do. It also gives multiple opportunities for the user to click through and find out more about the business. 

Then came the Services page. The page itself didn’t actually speak about the specific services that he offered at all! Instead, there was a price list that wasn’t very compelling and a bit difficult to read. We really wanted to not only highlight the specific services, but add some images of Chris in action (or should we say his clients in action!) to make the page more dynamic. 

Another page we wanted to focus on was the About page. Chris specifically said that people often searched for his name rather than his business name, but couldn’t find him online. Well, his full name was nowhere on his old site! So we updated his About section with more information about him personally in addition to his training style. Not only does this help with the searchability of his site, it also helps users feel more connected to him. 

Challenge 4: Visibility & Organic Search

If a website is built, but no one can find it, is it really there? All joking aside, Chris wasn’t getting a lot of hits on his website. A few were coming in from his social efforts, but his organic search was non-existent. How do we know this? Well, first we installed Google Analytics on his website. I would highly recommend this to everyone with a website, even if you don’t use it. Why? Because it’s pretty easy to do and it means you’ll have the information when and if you ever need it. 

Other things we did specifically to help with his organic search:

  • Remember all that extra content - well it also has the added benefit of giving Google more information about the site. We used strategic keywords throughout the site to boost rankings.
  • Adding alt tags to his images and buttons. Again, this is an added opportunity to give Google more information about your site. It also boosts your accessibility score!
  • We added title tags and meta descriptions to all his pages to help users quickly determine if his site had the content they were looking for.
  • We added a Google My Business Listing to help boost the visibility of his website.

The lovely ladies, Jessica and Kristina at Larkspur Creative Inc. went above and beyond for me with my website design, format, layout, analytics and everything else needed to make a website shine!!! From beginning to end they kept me in the loop and walked me through each design layout and format and worked with me to make sure that I was completely satisfied as well as them too.. I do not trust a lot of people when it comes to my own business and the way I want it to look... but when they produced a product that looked and operated better than I could have ever imagined or even dreamed up, my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard as I couldn't believe that this was gonna be mine!!! My website, because of Larkspur Creative Inc. represents me and my business in the best way possible... clean, neat, professional!!!
Fit Form Training

Chris Toews


So, what did you think? Whether you’re looking for a new site or to refresh your existing one, Larkspur can help you.
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