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Larkspur Creative greatly enjoyed taking Like a Bossanova Home (LABH) from concept to brand. We created their logo, brand identity and website. Setting up an eCommerce company can feel all-consuming, but we broke it down into smaller steps.

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Logo Design & Brand Identity

The LABH Brand is an extension of sister company, Dell Anno Vancouver’s, idea of living “Like a Bossanova” and extending it into the home. The Bossanova lifestyle is focused on the beautiful things that express your passion for life. The Like a Bossanova Home brand offers beautiful, functional items for your home.

We knew we wanted to keep the logo quite simple to allow the product lines to grow over time. To keep it clean, we opted for a text logo and played with different fonts. We ultimately decided on a font that was contemporary, but had a very classic layout, and was easy to read.

Once we had settled on the B&W version of the logo, we then went through color selection with the client. We put together mood boards for inspiration to help the client understand the feeling we were trying to evoke with each color scheme. We offered both high contrast and subtle options to give the client a range of options.

The client ultimately chose one of the subtle options, and we agree! The greens and natural tan tones offer a grounding feel to the brand, and complemented the natural materials used in their products. It also offered a neutral backdrop for some of their more colorful products and images. It also best reflected the philosophy of the brand - to help curate a home that becomes your oasis, by selecting items that truly reflect who you are.

Web Design & Digital Marketing

We wanted the LABH website to highlight the beautiful products they offer and to tell a story through images. Our goal was to make sure that whoever visited really got a feel of the LABH philosophy of beauty and passion through the imagery, and not text. We chose a layout that was image forward, and really allowed the products to shine.

Some of the more technical challenges of this project included the sheer number of products that LABH offers, particularly in size, color, and finish options. We started with one of their lighting product lines that had thousands of variations in color and size. We wanted a format that was easy for users to navigate and customize. In order to achieve this, we programmed the product pages to allow the user to choose multiple customizations in one page. This also gave us confidence that the site would be scalable as they added different product types, each requiring different customization options.

An important addition to the site beyond products, was the gallery. We really wanted users to use the site for inspiration. We added category links to make it easier for users to travel to the different sections, adding ease for the user, especially as we add additional product lines and images to the site.

Excellent experience with Larkspur! I get constant comments of appreciation for my logo/design work thanks to Kristinas great work on what started as a very basic conceptual drawing. Through the process I was about as difficult as a customer could be with constant minor detail changes which she accommodated quickly and accurately along with creative options I hadn't thought of. It was clear that they are passionate about their work and making a product their customer is happy with. 10/10!

Evan Foxcroft


We were so pleased with how the site turned out and inspired by the philosophy behind the company.
We're also proud that the website has been selected as a featured best website design by Designrush.

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