When did you talk to your customers last? What did you say and how did you say it?
Let’s make emails work for you.

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Campaign Strategy

The critical first step - figuring out why, who, when, and how.

Campaign Execution

Email design, campaign structure, segmentation and scheduling.

A/B Testing

Testing alternates to determine the highest performing content.

Template Design 

If you want something you can just plug your content into and hit send.

Analytics & Reporting 

Detailed reporting to measure success and adapt campaigns.

Email marketing puts your content into your customer’s mailboxes, making it easy and convenient for them. It also keeps you top of mind, making sure your relationship extends past the end of that first transaction. But with people getting so much spam these days, how do you make sure your emails are being read?

The Larkspur team works with you to take your content and package it in a way that makes it more engaging for your customer. We will take your vision and help you put those together into a package that is engaging for your customers. Our goal is for your emails to stand out front the crowd so your message can get where you want them to go. 

We can be as involved in the process as you like - whether it’s creating beautiful templates for you or running your campaigns, we're here to help with whatever your business needs. 

Why do people choose us?

We help craft emails that reflect your unique brand and company image. 
We can be as involved in the process as you want us to be. 
We take care to structure your campaign around your company’s needs. 

The lovely ladies, Jessica and Kristina at Larkspur Creative Inc. went above and beyond for me with my website design, format, layout, analytics and everything else needed to make a website shine!!! From beginning to end they kept me in the loop and walked me through each design layout and format and worked with me to make sure that I was completely satisfied as well as them too..

I do not trust a lot of people when it comes to my own business and the way I want it to look... but when they produced a product that looked and operated better than I could have ever imagined or even dreamed up, my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard as I couldn't believe that this was gonna be mine!!!

My website, because of Larkspur Creative Inc. represents me and my business in the best way possible... clean, neat, professional!!!

Chris Toews

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I send out email marketing? 

This will largely depend on your business, but we will help you determine what will be the best fit for your business. We want to set you up for success, which usually means consistency over frequency. 

Can I just do a one off email?

Absolutely! A one off email is a great way to get the word out about a special event, promotion or holiday note. A Covid update or a holiday greeting is an example of when you might want to use a one-off email. 

Can I manage email marketing myself? 

The short answer is yes. We can help you craft a campaign structure and templates and let you do the rest. However, lots of clients like to have us manage their campaigns to reduce their administrative burden. 

Can email marketing work with social media? 

Absolutely! We can coordinate with your social media team and even create image assets that match your email campaign so everything feels coordinated. 

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